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The Giving Grid

Over the last few months, our Vidare Creative team has been sharing insights and thoughts about what we heard from the speakers at our Fundraising21 conference in Nashville in July. I don’t know if this is against the rules or anything, but I’m going to share a little more on my own presentation I [...]

The Giving Grid2021-11-15T19:55:20-06:00

My Takeaway from Fundraising21

I loved having the opportunity to see everyone in person during Fundraising 21 in Nashville. Along with you, I love the chance to learn from others. No matter how much you know about fundraising, there is always more to learn. Fundraising is something that is always changing. I loved the session with Lori Lewis. [...]

My Takeaway from Fundraising212021-08-24T10:12:12-05:00

Open Rates Are Closing Soon

iOS 15 is about to make an iO-MESS of your email marketing. In September, Apple will release the latest version of it’s mobile operating system, iOS 15. As an Apple guy, that’s good news. As an email marketing guy, that’s potentially very bad news. And as a non-profit organization that relies on email marketing [...]

Open Rates Are Closing Soon2021-07-29T16:24:04-05:00

Copywriting Lessons from Apple

I have always said that fundraising is very similar to sales. It’s all about influencing people to buy in to an idea and change their behavior. It’s about finding a way to identify their internal, felt needs and show them how your organization (or product) can help meet those needs. That’s why I study [...]

Copywriting Lessons from Apple2021-05-20T08:54:07-05:00
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