Brian Curee

Nonprofit Crowdfunding on WordPress

In the beginning, entrepreneurs primarily used crowdfunding to gain small investments online from the public for their for-profit ventures. By 2025, it’ll be a $90-$96 billion market. Platforms like the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress are designed to help individuals, start-ups, nonprofits, and other organizations share information about their causes and solicit their audiences for [...]

Nonprofit Crowdfunding on WordPress2021-04-26T13:48:13-05:00

How To Approach Fundraising On Facebook & Instagram

Social media is all about building relationships. There are no better tools for relationship management than Facebook and Instagram. Use these tools to set yourself up for social media fundraising success. After all, nonprofits rely on their communities to support them. Grant cycles are unpredictable, but your supporters can be far more reliable (and [...]

How To Approach Fundraising On Facebook & Instagram2020-12-16T12:21:26-06:00
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