Bill Scott

Remote Fundraising

Most of us have tried doing our show remote over the last year and some are still broadcasting from their closets like Kankelfritz and Steve Sunshine. I am still getting the question, does remote fundraising work? I also get, can you use a phone center off-site and still make it work? Can you raise [...]

Remote Fundraising2021-04-26T13:02:28-05:00

Free Money!

As a fundraiser, I get great joy out of typing the words, free money. I am amazed at how many radio stations do not do a year-end event. As I travel, I often hear, our staff is chilling during the holidays, our team has worked hard all year long, our listeners don't want another [...]

Free Money!2020-11-25T14:09:18-06:00

Tis The Season For Year-End Fundraising

By now, your year-end fundraising strategy should be in full swing; if not, let's roll. It's surprising how many radio stations miss out on year-end fundraising. People are giving out free money in December; all you have to do is ask. Nearly three out of ten Americans (28 percent) say they would make end-of-year [...]

Tis The Season For Year-End Fundraising2020-11-25T13:58:35-06:00
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