Copywriting Lessons from Apple

I have always said that fundraising is very similar to sales. It’s all about influencing people to buy in to an idea and change their behavior. It’s about finding a way to identify their internal, felt needs and show them how your organization (or product) can help meet those needs. That’s why I study [...]

Copywriting Lessons from Apple2021-05-20T08:54:07-05:00

Nonprofit Crowdfunding on WordPress

In the beginning, entrepreneurs primarily used crowdfunding to gain small investments online from the public for their for-profit ventures. By 2025, it’ll be a $90-$96 billion market. Platforms like the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress are designed to help individuals, start-ups, nonprofits, and other organizations share information about their causes and solicit their audiences for [...]

Nonprofit Crowdfunding on WordPress2021-04-26T13:48:13-05:00

Remote Fundraising

Most of us have tried doing our show remote over the last year and some are still broadcasting from their closets like Kankelfritz and Steve Sunshine. I am still getting the question, does remote fundraising work? I also get, can you use a phone center off-site and still make it work? Can you raise [...]

Remote Fundraising2021-04-26T13:02:28-05:00

“Call Me When You Have a Minute”

Some of the most powerful fundraising tools are so simple, they get overlooked. Offering a text-giving option to your listeners during on-air fundraisers is one of those sorely overlooked tools! Let’s face it. More and more people prefer not to call their friends to chat anymore. Even if a voice call is warranted, it [...]

“Call Me When You Have a Minute”2021-02-26T10:02:24-06:00

How To Approach Fundraising On Facebook & Instagram

Social media is all about building relationships. There are no better tools for relationship management than Facebook and Instagram. Use these tools to set yourself up for social media fundraising success. After all, nonprofits rely on their communities to support them. Grant cycles are unpredictable, but your supporters can be far more reliable (and [...]

How To Approach Fundraising On Facebook & Instagram2020-12-16T12:21:26-06:00

Free Money!

As a fundraiser, I get great joy out of typing the words, free money. I am amazed at how many radio stations do not do a year-end event. As I travel, I often hear, our staff is chilling during the holidays, our team has worked hard all year long, our listeners don't want another [...]

Free Money!2020-11-25T14:09:18-06:00

Is Your Core Monthly Ask Hard To Get?

Now that might be the question of the year. Most stations have a monthly core ask. Some ask for $30 a month; others ask for $40 a month. The vast majority of radio stations fall in one camp or the other. So what happens when it gets tough to get your listeners to respond [...]

Is Your Core Monthly Ask Hard To Get?2020-11-25T13:59:40-06:00

Tis The Season For Year-End Fundraising

By now, your year-end fundraising strategy should be in full swing; if not, let's roll. It's surprising how many radio stations miss out on year-end fundraising. People are giving out free money in December; all you have to do is ask. Nearly three out of ten Americans (28 percent) say they would make end-of-year [...]

Tis The Season For Year-End Fundraising2020-11-25T13:58:35-06:00

More Deadlines

One of the most significant issues I see in the world of fundraising is the lack of deadlines. I love what Brant Hansen said, "If people are motivated by deadlines, let's give them as many deadlines as possible." Ok, I know by quoting Brant I now owe him a royalty of some kind. Many [...]

More Deadlines2020-07-27T13:07:35-05:00

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately in prep for a talk I’m giving during our Fundraising 2020 Mastermind this summer. I’ll be talking about “The Psychology of Fundraising.” I’ve always been fascinated by the process of finding out where the potential donor is, and how I can craft a message that will [...]

Are We Asking the Right Questions?2020-06-25T15:59:32-05:00
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